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Costume Portfolio

Inspired by the magic of nature

Are you in Irish film production and looking for an experienced corsetier for your film, theatre or tv series?

Are you a museum curator looking for a corset maker to create a historical corset reproduction? 

Are you looking for a showstopper for a stage performance, music video, Red Carpet event or costumed ball? 

Are you planning a theme wedding?

Arthropodic Collection


The Arthropodic collection takes its inspiration from insects, be it their wing shapes, their wonderful iridescent colours, or literal bees on a corset all can be the starting point for a magical garment. We use modern techniques and materials such as laser cutting, thermoplastics and iridescent synthetics, and combine them with hand-dyed silks, organic shapes, and bead-embellishment to create something luxurious and beautiful.


'Iridescent Otherworldly Fae'

Horticultural Collection

Nature is a constant source of wonderful inspiration. From the colours to the shapes to textures. That is what this horticultural collection is all about: taking the beauty of flora and fungi kingdom and translating it to something stunning that can be worn. Whatever your favorite flower is, I would love to take it as a starting point for your unique, exclusive corset or gown. For this collection, I use all the beautiful materials that nature gives us, including silk, cotton, linen, and wool— all of these natural materials are represented here and crafted into sculptural wearable art. Highly-detailed and hand-created in the Ireland by combining beautiful textures like fluffy mushrooms, smooth glass beads and pearls, and silk flower pedals. Anything is possible!

‘I had never seen such insight into the natural world reflected so beautifully into a wearable form.’

- Kat 

Otherworlds Collection


Step into another realm altogether, our work has been called ethereal and otherworldly. When nature does not inspire there is always mythology, fantasy and sci-fi. That is where the mind can truly run free with ideas.

We will design that showstopper that will get you noticed. 

‘Regal is the first word that came to mind. Forest Royalty.

You are truly a dreamer of dreams and a maker of fantasy.' 

- Dawn 

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