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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the process take?
    Most brides tend to start looking for a dress about a year before their wedding. 8-6 months is a good lead time to create your custom gown.
  • What should I wear/ bring to my meetings with the designer?
    Since corsets are a tight fitting garments the fit will turn out the best when measurements are taken with as little bulk as possible underneath. We advise you wear or bring a well fitting softcup bra, a camisol and leggings. Also your shoes or boots you plan to wear on the day, will be needed for all the fittings to allow the hem line to be made to the right length. If you have not yet picked your shoes bring a pair with similar height of heel.
  • What does a bespoke dress cost?
    The price is entirely dependent on design and the amount and nature of the embelishments. The scale of the project, along with the materials chosen, determine the cost. To give you a rough indication: Our corsetted wedding gowns start at €5500. Uncorseted dresses start at €4000. These prices includes up to 4 fittings, final alterations and a garment bag.
  • How will I know what my gown will look like?
    We discuss every elements of your perfect dress, using images and sketches to bring it to life. We might ask you to create a Pinterest moodboard to work from, combining elements you like the best from several reference images. This will serve as a style guide for a design sketch. You wil be involved in the design process, having a toile, or test fitting of the design before the real dress is made. A framed original of the concept sketch of your design in watercolour can be purchased for €200.
  • How many meetings/fittings do custom brides typically have?
    1-2 design meeting before selecting the fabrics and finalizing the design and taking measurements (online zoom consultations are possible) 2-3 mock-up fittings mainly to get the fit of the corset right (these toiles are made out of cotton canvas) 1-2 fittings in final fabric with the aim of you walking out the door with the dress in hand.
  • Can I order one of your existing styles exactly as is?
    Yes can order something similar to previously made work, however since we do not keep much stock fabrics on hand and many embellishments are handcrafted and applied, every piece is always a little unique. Having said that we love designing something unique and new every time, even if that's just changing up the colour scheme or embellischments a little. Thats why we prefer to see our page as a portfolio of inspiration to build upon.
  • How does the process work?
    The process is designed to be simple and relaxing, taking the stress out of wedding dress shopping. We will start the day with some tea and a chat. Since space is limited in my workroom you can bring up to one person to accompany you. The process is collaborative, but you can also just leave things in our hands. Please refer also to this page.
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