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Our Bridal Couture Collection

Our philosophy: Your dress should be as unique as you are!


Wedding gowns don't have to be white! Colourful wedding dresses can be equally stunning. It is not the colour white that makes a wedding gown enchanting , but the expert fit, the attention to detail, and beautiful luxury fabrics. A couture piece that you will cherish forever, and makes you feel beautiful and special whenever you put it on— whether on that special day, or at any other time in the years to come. 

Any colour of the rainbow is available for you, so why not pick your favourite one? 

Wear something uniquely you for your wedding day.

We design and create a corseted wedding dress that suits and flatters the bride, whatever your measurements. We specialise in alternative wedding gowns that are inspired by fairy tales and high fantasy.

All our bridal wear is designed and made in our studio here in the Netherlands. In-person fittings are recommended, but we do offer a long-distance Skype fitting service as well.

Are you going for a alternative wedding theme? Or are you looking for something rather unique and sculptural and in style with your unique theme? We would love to talk to you about what we can offer. See below for more.

For our brides, we want to be able to deliver the best possible experience and fit. To get the length of the skirt right and catch any last minute alterations (in case body weight fluctuates) we include 1 extra (so 3 total) in-person fittings with our wedding gowns.


We can design both internally-corseted gowns as well as a separate corset bodice with matching skirt ensemble.

Full custom bridal corset with skirt ensembles with embellishments start at €2500,- and range to €5500,-+

Pricing depends on the design, the amount and type of embellishment, the fullness of the skirt, and the length of the train.

Bespoke bridal gowns start at €1500,- (non-corseted)

Gowns with internal support corset start at €2500,- and range to €7500+

Pricing depends on the design, the amount and type of embellishment, the fullness of the skirt and the length of the train.


Hand-painted wedding gowns start at €4000,-  

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas, to get a personalized price indication. 

We will make sure you will feel truly magical on your special day

Mother of Peal Wedding Gown
Mother of Peal Wedding Gown
Mother of Peal Wedding Dress

There is nothing like the rustle of real silk

Hand-painted silk dye on smooth dupioni silk embellished with Chantilly lace, freshwater pearls, and a mother of pearl center piece, resulting in a 'not-quite-white' mother of pearl gown.  

We love creating something special and unique for you. Due to the handpainting technique, all pieces are subtly unique one-off watercolour paintings in their own right. By adding hand-embellished elements, paired with couture lace and tulle, we create a beautifully special heirloom garment.


Our dresses are inspired by Medieval, Art Nouveau, and Pre-Raphaelite Art. If you are looking for something beautiful and romantic, you are in the right place!

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Dragonfly Corset with tulle skirt
Dragonfly Corset with tulle skirt
Dragonfly Corset with tulle skirt
Black Corset with tulle skirt

Who says a wedding dress has to be white?

Theme Weddings

Are you planning a theme wedding?


Fairy, Medieval, Fantasy, Game of Thrones, rockabilly, or another cosplay, for example?

Are you unable to find that special dress in conventional wedding shops, or they don't carry something that suits your shape?


We would love to help you to design a bridal gown that suits your alternative bride aesthetic. A dress that is on theme but jaw-droppingly unique at the same time.

Bridal Lingerie

Besides our bespoke wedding ensembles, we also offer corsets for under your wedding gown of choice to get the silhouette you have always dreamed about. Don't worry about your strapless dress and keep everything in place, and have something sexy to show on your wedding night.

Your undergarments make your dress look even more amazing without having to diet!

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A dress or corset from us is not merely a piece of clothing, it is a magical object that transforms you into the person you have always wanted to be. In time, it will become an heirloom piece which will remind you of the first time you wore it, and how the piece was created especially for you.

In a way, it acts as a time machine; a portal to another realm where magic does exist.

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