Horticultural Collection

Nature is a constant source of wonderful inspiration. From the colours to the shapes to textures. That is what this horticultural collection is all about: taking the beauty of flora and translating it to something that can be worn. Whatever your favorite flower is, I would love to take it as a starting point for your unique, exclusive corset or gown. For this collection, I use all the beautiful materials that nature gives us, including silk, cotton, linen, and wool— all of these natural materials are represented here and reworked into sculptural wearable art. Highly-detailed and hand-created in the Netherlands by combining beautiful textures like fluffy mushrooms, smooth glass beads and pearls, and silk flower pedals. Anything is possible!

‘I had never seen such insight into the natural world reflected so beautifully into a wearable form.’

- Kat 

Beautiful Decay

‘Regal is the first word that came to mind. Forest Royalty.

You are truly a dreamer of dreams and a maker of fantasy.' 

- Dawn 


We are a bespoke couture brand that creates otherworldly wearable art corsets and bridal gowns. We take dreams and fantasy and translate them into something you will love to wear.

Creating true magic!

Schwerzenbach, Switzerland

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