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Historical Collection

Classic and sophisticated corset designs inspired by beautiful 18th- and early 19th-century silhouettes characterise the focus of this collection. Victorian and Edwardian historical corset patterns are presented to you with a modern twist, employing historical corset techniques and inspiration taken from history.

High-quality corset materials are combined with historical embellishing techniques such as flossing and embroidery. Silk flossing at the end of the boning channels, as found in antique corsets, but in rainbow gold thread, for example. Corsets embellished with Art Nouveau curls made of laser-cut artificial leather, dip-dyed coutil, or historically-accurate corset replicas: we offer it all.


Did you know?


Coutil is a high-quality closely woven (cotton) fabric especially designed for corsetry. It is still made for that very purpose today, and used as the strength layer in all of your corsets. Coutil on its own can be beautiful, and is strong enough to be used for single-layer corsets. Advances in plastics technology have given us German Synthetic Whalebone, which we use alongside spiral and flat steel boning to create light and comfortable corsets. 

Corsets, once relegated to the boudoir as mere lingerie, are now re-imagined as beautiful evening wear.

Black Edwardian underbust
Black Underbust & Dragonfly Skirt
Black Edwardian underbust
Art Nouveau Swirls
Horoscope Underbust Corset
Detail of skirt decorations
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