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Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement for TPF

In the event that garments made by Rainbow Curve Corsetry (designer) are lent and are in the care of an outside party (clients), a legal agreement is created in which the following applies:



  • The designer must be acknowledged/linked as the designer of the item(s) where crediting applies. (Designer: Rainbow Curve Corsetry)


  • The client has indicated which of the following usage rights apply to the designer:

  • A - Sharing on all social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

  • B - Printing of promotional media: Postcards, business cards, flyers, lookbooks.

  • C - Magazine/media submission: Local magazines, national media print and online.

  • D - Advertising: Print and electronic.


Compensation Options

  • TFP (Trade For Print)

    • A minimum of three images from the shoot/event must be sent to the designer

      • Please see above for the usage options that will apply.

    • A refundable deposit is required and will be returned to the client when items are returned to the designer in their original condition.

    • Images must be exchanged in a timely manner.

      • Within two months in most cases.

  • Rental

    • The payment must be received before any items are sent/picked up.

    • Images of the items must be exchanged in a timely manner.

      • Within two month in most cases.



  • Items must be handled with care, worn the right way up (please ask if unsure) and used within the time frames agreed.

  • Corsets are tied at the waist in the back, not at the bottom of the corset. If you require instructions on how to lace a corset don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Items must be returned in the same condition in which they were loaned.

If the items must be put on over the head, a scarf/towel must be used to cover the models face to prevent make up from marking the items.

  • Closed front corsets must be returned unlaced.

  • Lingerie must be worn with a nude underwear/thong underneath for hygiene reasons.

  • Do not apply fake tan, baby oil or an equivalent before or whilst wearing the items as this can cause stains or damage the fabric.

  • Do not eat or drink whilst in, or near the items to prevents spills and accidents.

  • Don’t smoke in or near the garments

  • If you want to use animals in the shoot please discuss beforehand.



  • Items must be returned in the same condition in which they were loaned

  • The deposit is forfeited if any damage is evident; depending on the amount of damage found.

    • The deposit will be used to cover dry cleaning and/or small repair costs.

  • If a lot of damage is evident (including; - but not limited to - broken stitches, staining, rips, tears or any other damage which renders the items unsalable, compensation will be required.

    • This amount will depend on the amount of damage caused, which will be evaluated, upon the return of the items.

  •   In the event that damage or stains do occur please don’t try and mend or clean it yourself, send the garment back as is. I am a trained textile conservator and would prefer to make any repairs myself.



  • The client must pay the postage back and insurance costs.

    • The items must be sent with a signature required and tracked.

  • Items must be returned to the designer by the date/time agreed.

    • When sending the items back to the designer, a tracking code must be sent as proof.

    • If the items are not returned within the time agreed, with no reasonable justification given, then the client will incur overdue charges of €10,- for every day late (which will be deducted from their deposit).

    • If the items are not returned within 30 days of receiving, and no proof of postage is provided in which to claim it is the fault of the postage system, then the responsibility of full compensation falls on the client.


General Terms of Loan

  • If the items do not get used in the intended shoot/event, we cannot accept refunds.


By paying the amount owed, either in the form of a rental fee or a refundable deposit, the client declares that they understand and agree with the terms and conditions of this loan as detailed in this loan agreement form. 

Thank you for reading, we really appreciate you taking the time to understand all the information included in this document.


​-Joni Steinmann

Designer - Rainbow Curve Corsetry

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