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The Designer

Unique, hand-crafted slow fashion with hand-embellishments and a generous sprinkling of magic.

Joni Steinmann owner of Rainbow Curve Corsetry at the OCOC Oxford Conference of Corsetry

Welcome! I am the designer of the luxury fantasy label Rainbow Curve Corsetry. I work from my atelier in the Netherlands. Here I create my colorful wearable art in the form of handmade corsetry and fantasy gowns. I am known for my creative, otherworldy style and eye for detail. All pieces are designed, created, and hand embellished by me. Through colourful, high-quality materials and workmanship, I offer bespoke fashion to clients of any body type. I believe in inclusiveness as colorful as my label suggests. 

I make bespoke curvy corsets in luxury fabrics like silk, lace and coutil designed with the client in mind. Corsets are no longer only lingerie, but can be a beautiful statement piece for any special occasion.

My evening and bridal gowns are unique with signature fantasy flair that would not be out of place in any fantasy novel.

My aesthetic is colourful & detailed. The designs are inspired by Art Nouveau, Victorian & Edwardian fashion, nature, and high fantasy, and are created with a touch of otherworldly magic. I love to make my clients feel beautiful like fairy tale princesses! I hope that my work can rekindle your childlike longing for the realm of fantasy, making magic real once more.

Since I am more curvy than average it took me a long time to accept my body type for what it was. Corsets played a huge role in this for me. All those years through puberty and my twenties I thought I was fat, until I discovered corsetry. Only then I started to realise I just have an hourglass figure, and learned to love and exaggerate my natural silhouette. I hope to be able to pass on this new-found body confidence to others and make them feel as beautiful as I do when I wear corsets.

​Rainbow Curve Corsetry was founded in 2015. I am trained as a textile conservator, but always had a passion for alternative fashion and geeky hobbies. I longed to be able to express my creativity more fully, but my trained profession did not offer the outlet I desired. Eventually I could no longer ignore the urge to create after following a corsetry course taught by Annet from La Garotte corsets. Visiting the 2015 Oxford Conference of Corsetry pushed me forward to launch Rainbow Curve Corsetry, turning a craft and passion into a fashion label.

Joni Steinmann

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