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Icedragon - a Game of Thrones inspired corset

This piece was inspired by the wonderful costume design in the Game of Thrones tv Series. I truely admire Michele Clapton's (costume designer) embroidered costumes on the show and find them a great source of inspiration.

This overbust corset is constructed with 11 panels per side so it wraps around the body beautifully smooth. Drafting this pattern was a technical challenge that I only dared to tackle after I took a private masterclass at Sparklewren this Spring. The corset is made from a silk/cotton satin which gives it it's beautiful silk sheen. Every seam in boned with narrow spiralsteels. Because I choose a very elaborate embellishment scheme for this dragon inspired piece, I wanted to keep the busk hidden. Luckily for me Wyte Phantom recently posted a really helpful 'how-to' which helped me out with the technicalities. This is the first time I have tried a covered busk and I really like the look.

The embellishment itself features 3 different kinds of smocked silk. For this I used one of the dragonscale smocking techniques Michele Clapton explains on her blog, which was used on many of Daenerys' gowns in GOT. I added additional iridescent leather scales to the design for even more dimension and texture. The scales were cut out with a laser-engraver. Around the smocking pieces of tule were placed and stiched in place with embroidery and scaled iridescent beads.

The hipfins are modeled after dragonwings made of shot dupioni silk cut with the laster-engraver. The cut silk was supported with a layer of tule and placed on a boned hipfin construction.

The corset will be modeled and professionally photographed at the 2017 Oxford conference of Corsetry.

With all it's lavish royal colours, it's a corset fit for a dragonqueen.

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